How do you connect your EZ Wheels to the goal?

Each set of wheels are designed to slide over the flat bar under the goal posts. Each  EZ Wheel is marked  with the letter R- Right and one L- Left  . Standing in the goal looking out to the field the left wheel slides on the left side and the right wheel slides on the right side.


Are there any straps or pins connecting the EZ Wheels?

No straps or pins connect the wheels to the goals. They just slide on and are ready to go.

Are the EZ Wheels strong?

The EZ Wheels are made in the USA out of metal and  are extremely durable. They have a hard powder coating color and are build to last.

Whats the difference between the ALL PRO and the Standard EZ Wheel?

The Standard EZ Wheel  (The Red or Pink ones) Fit all Official US Lacrosse Game Goals that have the goal posts mounted in the center of the flat bar on the base of the goals.

The ALL PRO (the yellow ones) Fit the NCAA collegiate and MLL professional goals. They also have a flat bottom bar. The difference is the goal post are mounted flush to the inside of the goal (off centered.)

All Pro


How big are they and how much do they weigh?

The Standard Red or Pink EZ Wheel weighs 2.2 lbs. each and are 5" Long x 6" Tall x 4.5" wide.

The All Pro Yellow EZ Wheels are much larger 6" Long x 5" Wide x 7.5" Tall with 2"x 5" all Terrain wheels. Roughly 5 lbs. Each 

What size of Flat Bar will work with the EZ Wheels?

All Official Game Goals have Flat Bars that lay on the ground. The goal posts mount to them and range in size from 2" to 4" as a standard size.

All EZ Wheels will fit  2" to 4" widths on all flat bars.

Will they work on round or curved bottom goals?

They will not attach to the goals that have a round bottom or curved bar along the ground. However

Some teams were able to attach (welded or bolted)  a small square Flat Bar on each side to modify the goals  and the EZ Wheels worked as designed.

Are the EZ Wheels safe to use?

Yes they are compared with having to lift the heavy goals and carrying them across the field.

Safety and convenience is a high priority for Coaches, Schools and Parents.

EZ Wheels eliminates and minimizes the chances of injury and damage to the equipment and fields by allowing you to wheel the goals.

Are EZ Wheels good on Turf Fields?

Yes.  EZ Wheels are designed with a Wheel to Field clearance for the goals to safely roll across the turf. 

Unlike carrying the goals the chance of dropping a sharp corner of the goals on the turf causing damage to the turf is eliminated.

When you roll and place the goals in a location. The Goals are set. EZ On EZ Off

Several MLL Teams now use the All Pro for their field set ups and practices. 

Are EZ Wheels available to everyone?

Yes many teams have EZ Wheels for setting up practice and game goals. Many players have their own sets for shoot around's  between practices. Some players have goals in there yards and find them very handy for stowing the goals away. 

The question is Do you have EZ Wheels?

Now is the time to purchase The Lax EZ Wheels for your team or program.

Move goals during practice for short field drills. Have a goal set up off field for shooting drills or coaching demonstrations.

Have them for your Lacrosse Camps or for your  

Lacrosse tournaments where multiple fields are  in use

You can see EZ Wheels across America in townships from Maine to California From Seattle to Florida. From Collages to School programs ~ Major League Lacrosse to Club teams

across the USA.

It's Time to Roll The Goals